Blender 3.6 LTS – 3D Graphics and Animation – FREE Guide

by Gabriele Falco

Ideal for beginners and useful for those who want to switch to Blender from other 3D software.
For Windows, MacOS, Linux. Guide updated to Blender 3.6 LTS (September 2022)

If I were asked the question, “Is Blender difficult?”, I would probably answer, “Blender is not a toy.” This famous open-source graphic application is actually a powerful tool primarily intended for professional use. However, many Blender users use it as a hobby and enjoy creating 3D graphics for pure passion. Therefore, it is fair to wonder if learning the software is an insurmountable obstacle. It is not. Patience, willingness to experiment, and passion are the main requirements for undertaking an important stage of study for this software, which could ultimately lead to the ability to create any project in the field of 3D graphics and computer animation. The goal of this book/guide is to introduce beginners, or those who already have some experience with similar software, to the wonderful logic of Blender, making it easier to understand its main tools and some general concepts regarding the operation of 3D rendering. The guide therefore answers a question that I initially asked myself: “What would I have liked to read several years ago when I started using Blender 3D?

Chapter 1: First Steps (User interface, main functions of the 3D View)
Chapter 2: Modeling (from basics to the use of modifiers)
Chapter 3: Eevee (Introduction to the concept of rendering engine, materials and texturing)
Chapter 4: Cycles (GPU/CPU based rendering engine based on global illumination)
Chapter 5: Compositing and Node Editor (advanced processing of renders and geometry nodes)
Chapter 6: Animation (basic tools of animation with keyframes, up to rigging)
Chapter 7: Physics Dynamics (advanced and realistic animation for different types of physical systems)
Appendix: Add-ons

*LTS (long time support). The guide will always cover the LTS version of Blender, which is the most stable and reliable version.

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Blender 3.6 LTS 3D Graphics and Animation